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Are you skinny/fat or a strong b*tch?

I know this Kelly Clarkson song doesn't really apply to my message here, but she has been scrutinized for her weight and she has admitted that she'll never 'be skinny'.  Her body is rockin' and a waif she will never be. This strong gal gets it!  She's beautiful and she looks 'healthy'.  Excuse me, but when did this look fall from grace?  "OMG!  You look so healthy"...these are words I live to hear!

Sandra Bullock has been known to say that she will "never be one of the thin ones".  If you got a chance to check out her latest movie Gravity her thighs were as impressive as the visual effects. Zero cellulite!  She always looks amazing. 

Have you ever had a friend that eats whatever they want and their gym 'routine' consists of passing a facility on the way to work?  No matter what they do, exercise or not, they just don't gain weight.  They're not flabby, they're not struggling and they don't even think about it.  Their only concern is what to eat next!  

These people are FREAKS (of nature) plain and simple.  Many of these same people are also paid beacoup cash to be models/dancers/actors, etc.  Sometimes their only talent -- a metabolism that won't quit.  But these are the people who seriously need to watch what they're putting into their bodies.  I know I cannot eat crap because it will adversely affect my weight and health.  However, for these freaks who eat whatever, they may be doing far more damage to their systems because their outsides mask it.  Beware of bad habits!  Watch out for cholesterol levels, raised blood pressure, premature aging (courtesy of fried foods) and chronic diseases related to poor food choices.

For the rest of us mere mortals, we are cursed with a metabolism that slows to a crawl as we age.  There are basically two choices - diet (until you can't stand it) OR have a come to Jesus moment and change the way you handle your lifestyle!  
People who diet, or have done so previously, will all say the same doesn't work!  They're right.  Dieting is a joke.  But people are so desperate to lose weight they'll try anything.  Astronaut food, bars, points, juice fasting, you name and someone will have tried it and failed.  
Here's a shocking fact: food tastes good and is mandatory.  There is no getting around it.  We need the stuff or we die.  And our bodies need the REAL stuff, not the fake/chemically processed crap on the grocery store shelves.  

I'm sorry, but simply eating grass and never enjoying food is just not an option for me.  I read 'Skinny Bitch ' and for four years I gave up meat.  What ended up happening was a major carb overload!  My corner was turned when I finally realized I wanted to be stronger and if I lost the weight, it was a bonus.  Being strong and healthy are my main goals.  Getting into skinny jeans was a bonus, not a priority.  The most amazing things will happen to your body (and your aging metabolism) as you increase muscle mass.  
by J. Rentilly July 11, 2012, 09:02 pm EDT
"You can always go under the knife, hack yourself to pieces, or take a bunch of pills. Plenty of Americans do that, but I think it’s a losing bet. Most of us know the best ways to take care of ourselves, but we just lack the discipline, focus, and tenacity to live that way. At this age, you can still turn it all around. You can drop the 20 pounds if you want to. Basically, the choice is this: Do I want an easy exit or a crash landing? At 50, those are your options."

It's not sexy, it's not rocket-science and it's free for all!  This is easy to do at home and you don't even need equipment.  Check out these additional articles from Women's and Men's Health!

It's totally fine if you're starting a new routine from square one.  Some of these examples are a bit advanced, no problem.  Start out by going for a walk!  Each time you walk, extend your time by 5 minutes.  Maybe pick up the pace a bit.  Getting your cardio going will help start to strengthen you and then you can flirt with some of the exercises or even free weights.

I'd much rather be a strong bi*tch then a skinny one.  I'm much more confidant, I get a major rush of endorphins and it's empowering...plain and simple.

Quit dieting and join the legion of strong peeps who'd rather charge for tickets to the gun show!

How do you get strong?

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