Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Are there some things in your repertoire of culinary habits you simply cannot kick?  For me there are three: coffee, chocolate and wine  I flat out refuse to give those three up.  Fortunately, each one is linked with some health benefits!!

So what to do to make them more savvy?  Here are some healthy options for gratifying your taste buds without sacrificing your waist line.

Black coffee is not something I can tolerate.  When I was a vegan (a four month flirtation) I trained my buds to get past the bitter taste.  After a year of drinking it straight black, my tummy said...yeah, we need to do something about this.  So I re-introduced half n' half.  I'm the kind of gal that REFUSED to put chemically enhanced creamers into my hot beverage, no matter if they were creme brulee flavored or otherwise.

I wanted to get away from dairy and I recently discovered a chocolate hazelnut non-dairy milk.  I am in heaven every time I sip my morning joe!!!  It's so delectable.  Where to find this amazing beverage?

Whole Foods will sometimes carry the small four pack of this product, but I have to order it from Amazon.  I made it super easy for you...just click on the link.  Here's a link to Pacific Foods site for more information:  http://www.pacificfoods.com/our-foods/nut-grain-beverages/all-natural-hazelnut-chocolate-non-dairy-beverage-1

When I need some chocolate, I try to opt for dark chocolate instead of milk.  The taste has grown on me and now I actually prefer it.  My go-to for my fix is Lindt's Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt...hello lover!!
For four squares, which I reserve only for special needs, there are 190 calories, 13 fat grams and 24g of carbs.  I usually enjoy two squares at a time and certainly not everyday.  Moderation is key here.  Because it's not overly milky or sweet, two squares does the trick!  I stock up on these bad boys at Target!

And finally for wine, I absolutely love Our Daily Red.  It's an organic wine.  Organic wines are free from all the nasty 'cides' that their counterparts endure.  If you have ever had a negative reaction to wine (blotchy red spots on face, etc) that is mostly due to sulfites.  Guess what....organic wines do not have 'em!!  It's a pure wine and there are many out there for you to choose from!

As with everything, moderation is key.  But the key to success is knowing how to be savvier about your selections!  

If you tell yourself  'I can't, I can't, I can't' you may find yourself over indulging because you feel deprived.  Deprivation does not get you back into your skinny jeans.  Being savvy will!  Don't give up, just find ways to enjoy the things you love without a guilt trip!

What do you love?

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