Sunday, October 14, 2012

Eatin' trash

I attended a nutrion workshop the other night.  I'm not being endorsed or anything, but the name of the program is Genesis Transformation.  The main idea is real food.  The program also suggests drinking a gallon of water each and every day.  Skip alcohol (if weight loss is your aim) and try to quit your addiction to sugar.  They also touted the old belief of 'eat less, move more' is indeed passe.  We need to eat more REAL FOOD and always be sure to make exercise a part of our norm.  The instructor provided an hour and half pitch basically telling the group to enjoy NON-PROCESSED food.  To me, this is a no brainer.  I was happy to realize this program was not gimmicky, there was no 'buy this and you'll lose weight' sell and their bottom line "healthy eating will naturally lead to weight loss".  WOO-FRIGGIN-HOO!  And NO DUH!

I was held up on the dropping of the vino part.  I love my wine and dark chocolate and I'm not sure I will be able to part with these loves of my life.  Just as I desperately held on to the belief these two things are vital to my happiness, there was a woman in the group who was very resistant to the idea of foregoing her beloved sandwich. She asked the instructor if she actually meant that with this program bread was a giant 'no-no'.  The instructor reassured her it was difficult for her to give it up as well, but once she was able to drop the bread her weight dropped, too.  This woman dragged on the bread debate, for what seemed to be awkwardly too long, and even said, "I don't eat any other processed food but I need my sandwich for lunch at work."  I wanted to take this woman aside and ask her what she was actually putting on her sacred bread.  Last time I checked, bread was nothing more than a vehicle used to transport cured (code for sugar) processed meat into the body.

Check out the label of any bread found in your typical grocery store...fresh from the bakery or taking up an extended stay on the shelf.  PROCESSED TRASH!  That's all it is.  And don't even get me started on deli meat.  I made it a rule to fore go my former lover, turkey breast sandwich.  I know, it's super hard.  I wish I didn't know what I knew because then I might be able to eat like a foodie.  But folks, I'm a savvy foodie and it's impossible for me to stick my head in the sand and pretend that all food is good for us.  I used to believe, hand to God, if the grocery store sold it then it was ok.  I also sincerely thought that if it was super bad, the kind clerk would tell me I was purchasing poison.

Yeah...not so much.  Even the FDA doesn't have our best interest.  Food, for the most part, is manufactured.  The goal of the grocer and food producers is to keep their pockets lined with cold hard cash.  Our country is among the fattest in the world and there's a good reason for it.  We tend to believe there's a quick and easy method for everything.  When we hit our bumps, we take another route.  For me, it took over 365 days to start seeing a change in my body composition.  But with a beautiful blend of being a savvy foodie and a personal trainer in the making...I am seeing the results I craved.

You cannot stick your head in the sand and shove the sandwich in your mouth and expect things to change.  Life is hard.  Working out can suck.  There is information overload when it comes to diets.  Throw it all in the trash and EAT REAL FOOD.  That's the key.  Low fat, no fat, low calorie, no calorie, all natural, healthy...just words.  Words the greedy food manufactures use to get us to buy their crap and think we're 'eating well'.  Spin it 'round and READ LABELS!  Find out what exactly you're putting into your magnificent body.  Judge for yourself and trust no one.  Most of the stuff out there, ready for 'consumption' should be labeled....TRASH.  Why put trash into your body?

Don't worry my little savvy readers.  There is hope.  Just think outside the box and say it with me...EAT REAL FOOD.  The diet industry is a billion dollar one and you want to know why, because we hide from the truth.  There's no easy way out.  There's no pill.  There's no diet.  It's just eating natural food the good Lord provided.  Fruits and veggies.  Make those your main courses and you'll start seeing a difference.  It's all good.

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