Saturday, November 24, 2012

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime

If this Holiday season is proving too tempting for you, just ask yourself "Can I put in some time?".  If you answer, "no" (or any variation of HELL NO) then you should not be indulging yourself.  If you answer "yes" (per chance HELL YES) then you need not feel as shameful as a Kardashian at the altar.  Just get a movin'.  Start out simple, if you're new at this.  

Survey says - working out at least 3 days a week for a minimum of thirty minutes is the way to get your engine revvin'.  EVERY single BODY needs at least this.  What you choose to do on top of this is completely your call and will benefit you even more! 

Don't misunderstand, simply because you walked a leisurely pace for thirty minutes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will NOT give you a green light to eat like you've lost your damn mind Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This is a common trap foodies fall into.  

What I'm suggesting, is to give yourself a (mental) break if you just cannot resist some extra Holiday trimmings.  Just make sure you are getting your behind up off that couch and fighting the urge to take just one more little cat nap in front of the tele.  

Some benefits of being physically active:
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Releases endorphins in the brain (the hormone that makes us feel good)
  • Alleviates stress and anxiety
  • More muscles, better metabolism
  • Keeps 'ya away from the garbage some people consider sustenance
If you cannot keep your paws off the pecan pie with a whopping dose of ice cream, or the turkey with the loaded potatoes, or the hot's ok.  It's all good.  Just tell yourself, "If I can't do the time, I won't do the crime."  Gobble Gobble

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