Monday, February 6, 2012

Eat for Health

As I am reading Dr. Fuhrman's Eat for Health, parts of the book literally jump off the page and smack me between the eyes!
Dealing with the toxic change - 
"It takes time to be comfortable with the changes in your life.  It is not unusual to feel physically uncomfortable as you detoxify in the process of making over your body chemistry with a healthful diet.   The more stimulating or harmful your prior habits, the worse you feel when you stop them.  When breaking your addiction to salt, meat, dairy, saturated fat, processed foods and other substances, you might feel headachy, fatigued, or even a little itchy or ill, but the good news is these symptoms rarely last longer than a week or two.  However, if you are making the changes to nutritional excellence gradually, uncomfortable symptoms should be minimized. 

Some people are so addicted to stimulating food, sugary sweets, and over eating they may even feel depressed when they don’t indulge.  For example, cheese, salt, and chocolate are all addictive, and it takes a pro-longed period of abstinence to beat these addictions.  Sugar and caffeine, especially when mixed together, are highly addictive and create a significant amount of discomfort when stopping.  Sugar withdrawal symptoms have been demonstrated to be similar to withdrawal symptoms from opiates, including anxiety and tremors. 

You must allow this detoxification to occur.  An important hurdle to achieving your ideal weight and excellent health is getting rid of your addictions.  After that occurs, you may feel like you have been freed from prison and will find it easier to move forward with the program and be one step closer to truly eating for health." (Pg. 125-6)  

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