Wednesday, February 22, 2012

They say, they say, they say

Last week I was sitting with a bunch of gals at a bridal shower.  As we were chowing down on our (breaded!!!) chicken cutlets and green beans, we were talking about, what else...weight control.  The Sally next me said, "You know, they say if you consume the bulk of your calories in the morning you'll lose weight."  Another Sally said, "They say if you just eat five sensible meals, you'll lose weight."  Our round table discussion went on for a bit, but ended as soon as the desert was served.  Then our attention was returned to the happy bride and her groom.

This got me thinking...the 'THEY SAY' statements constantly swirl around us.  I want to ask, "Who are 'they'?  Where are 'they' getting their information? And why do we listen to 'them'?"

I have recently become obsessed with my local library.  Here I get to riffle through their 'exercise and nutrition' section.  It's mind blowing, actually.  There are so many different ideas!  Admittedly, I checked out 'Le Personal Coach: A French Trainer's Simple Secrets for Getting Fit and Slim without the Gym' and 'Fed Up! The Breakthrough Ten-Step, No-Diet Fitness Plan'.

I noticed Dr. Phil has multiple books, Richard Simmons has numerous dvd's and there is even an older gal with a series of exercise dvd's called 'Sit and Slim'.  It's great to know folks who cannot stand, or wish to stay off their feet, have a workout routine geared towards keeping their booties on the chair.  Believe you me, there have been days when I have thought to myself, "I wish I didn't have to get up to burn calories".  On second thought maybe I should check it out ;)

My point - everyone and their brother/sister/mother/doctor/cousin believes THEY have a solution for the on-going battle of the bulge.  Magazines are loaded with 'healthy options YOU should try'.  The internet is a mecca for new fitness ideas/plans/goals, etc.  There are on-line tools where you can journal your diet, chronicle your weight loss/gain and there are a multitude of options when it comes to joining a gym.

Suddenly it feels like we're Alice and we're spinning madly down the rabbit hole.  All in the name of weight loss.

"They say, give up your diet and eat what you want"...that is THE only option that gets my attention.  Whoever 'those' people are, I'll buy.

Who do you listen to?

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