Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Be Strong

Today I'm feeling exceptionally inspired.  I think the coolest thing is strength.  Without it we'd all just be little piles of people on the ground.  We all posses it emotional, physical or both!  It's not an organic trait, but it's one we can cultivate and build.

Our bodies need muscle.  When we break it down, tear it apart and repair it our strength increases.  No pain, no gain...quite literally.  I used to hate sweating, now I live for it!  Sweat is fat leaving my body!  I love sore muscles because I know I'm changing the shape of 'em.  TAKE THAT CELLULITE!!!  HOW YOU LIKE THEM APPLES, GIGGLY THIGHS?!?!?

Keep improving your strength and watch your body magically take form into something you can be proud of.

When getting your exercise 'on' remember form is WAY more important than reps.  If you're not doing it correctly to begin with, your brain will think you are and it will be hard to re-train your brain.  Also, you'll be more likely to injure yourself and therefore NOT enjoy the workout.

Don't worry if you can't do many to start with...this is not a competition.  Do what you can and take it day by day.  The most critical thing - enjoyment!  If you don't enjoy the form of exercise you most likely will not want to return to it.

Here's a good beginners video from YouTube.  I am in no way affiliated with this group, but I like their instruction and routine!

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