Monday, November 28, 2011

Not-so-savvy Holiday

Opps I did it again!  I fell victim to eating like an idiot.   I did not resist the urge to indulge.  My state of mind was simple -- 'enjoy'.  No carb was overlooked, cookies were consumed in mass quantities and I 
promised myself come Monday I'd get back to my regularly scheduled eating habits.

I'm (still) reading the Mayo Clinic Diet book and I'm being bombarded with bad habits to toss out. Suddenly I feel gross.  Granted, I know I don't usually eat like this everyday and I reserve the right to put my convictions on hold for special occasions, but nonetheless the feeling of guilt is palpable.

I let myself down.  I have been working diligently on my exercise routine and making sure to eat lots of fruits and veggies everyday.  In the last few days I have placed an overextended pause on my usual routine.  

"...remember, this is about you - when you come up with your own solutions, you're more likely to be successful."  (Mayo Clinic Diet, pg. 61).  This spoke to me!  Not just after over eating for Holiday weekends (!!!) but this is true for life.  I realized the importance of committing this to memory and applying it every single day.  This's mine and this way of living is to improve ME!  I need to enjoy special occasion meals and not put myself on the rack of guilt afterwards.  Here are some thoughts to help keep me strong...feel free to try them out yourself
  • no snacking, reserve the indulgence for what I truly want
  • move my booty (a lot) prior to eating
  • tell family I will be exercising for specified amount of time and will gladly help afterwards
  • no desert, afterall it really is all about the mashed potatoes and gravy
  • for every glass of wine, chase it with a glass of water
  • heck, put water in wine glass to play with the mind
  • do not pass out after meal
  • prioritize what I really want
  • eat lots of veggies instead of mac n' cheese as a side
  • do not wear Thanksgiving pants, keep the tight jeans buttoned at all times

I have to also honor the fact that I have been working really hard at the gym and consequently building muscle which has helped raise my metabolism. This mindset can lead to a slipperly slope though.  My poor father thinks that going to the gym balances eating 'whatever you want'.  His little tummy is evidence enough for me to realize the error in his thinking.  It does help, but I cannot justify every decision with this mindset otherwise there goes my behind into a larger size.

I was super happy to re-join my favorite strength training class this morning and the entire room, instructor included, admitted to gorging (a bit) over the weekend.  I was thankful!!

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