Monday, December 5, 2011

Be kind, rewind

If time travel were possible, I would want to rewind and reverse the technological advancement that is photoshop.  Photoshop enables celebs to be void of bloated tummies, cellulite, acne, flabby know all the stuff EVERYONE has.

Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup
I saw this picture yesterday and thought the actress (Blake Lively) might be sticking her tummy out a bit.  I read the article and learned these two are a new pair (I really don't care who floats their boat).  The article highlighted the events of their 'first date'.  They went out for ice cream (in that tight blue dress???).  Readers are allowed to post their thoughts on articles.  One person said, "Blake, lay off the ice cream your stomach looks huge in that shot."

Two thoughts popped into my   head -- could the angle not be photoshopped?  How unbelievably excruciating it must be to be in the spotlight.  I cannot tell you how many pics exist in my library where I look less then slim!  Fortunately, I trust they will either be deleted or never posted on a public site where I will be judged.

We all think celebs have access to the best trainers, personal chefs, designers and spas.  Indeed this may be true, but they are still human.  Photoshop may alter their appearance to such a degree they no longer resemble human beings...but they still are.

As the new year rapidly approaches, most of us are thinking about things we'd like to change about ourselves.  Just as predictable as morning following night, these same people will most likely fall off the wagon come February.  I'm striving to be savvy and have it show in photos.  I'm tired of editing myself.  I want to like the way I look in photos and not say, "Whoo!  Looks like I'm preggers there!".  I'd also like to read less of  I want to be savvier about my literature and I want to read less negativity.

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Epic Fail said...

Huge? Someone thinks her stomach looks huge in that photo? That's insane. She looks awesome.