Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Eat. Pray. Gorge.

Nothing says Christmas like a diabetic coma!  'Tis the season to binge, hoard and over indulge.  If I get one more box of chocolates I can officially open a small candy business.  Folks say "I'm thinking of you" with sugar.  Why, as a society, is this left unchallenged?  I, like anyone else, can easily justify giving into my sweet tooth because it's the Holiday and everyone knows we'll all get back on the horse next year.

At the stroke of midnight on January 1st, we all collectively vow to hit the gym.  We fight and hustle just to get a spot in a Zumba class and sweat our (big) booties off.  For most folks, it'll last for two weeks and then people remember how much they hate exercising.  They start crossing off goals clearly too ambitious to accomplish.  And the cycle continues and we watch our midsections slowly creep into larger pant sizes.  We slip into elastic waist band pants and forget our resolutions.  
It's too late for this savvy foodie to admit to sticking to her savvy ways, I've tasted the sugar and it's good.  But, I still get my bootie to the gym and I try and cut corners when I can.  I'm just like everyone else, but my happy place has (hand to God) become the gym.  So I'll see you in my Zumba class next year, just try not to step on my toes ;)  

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