Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Things that make you go...

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It's that time of the year, again.  It's time to face the holiday weight gain and make a change.  I'm starting with the (wo)man in the mirror, I'm asking her to change her ways...sorry.  Within the last few weeks I've relaxed my rigorous gym routine and loaded my diet with tempting treats.  Now I must brace myself for the crowds at the gym and toss out all the merry crap in my pantry.  I like to do a little twirl as I say 'au revoir' to the Christmas cookies and their sugary friends.

I, along with the rest of America, turned on the television this morning and was bombarded with commercials for weight loss.  It's shocking to realize most of us are in the same (over weight) boat every time this year!  You'd think we would prevent this, or at least switch it up.  We are like cattle!!  Moo.

This morning I turned on the TODAY show and I counted 20 weight loss ads within a 30 minute spread.  TWENTY!!  There's the 'Special K' diet, some program called 'Genovine' that ships meals designed for your individual DNA, Jennifer Hudson is doing a duet (with her former fat self) for Weight Watchers and of course 'Bally's' has models (never fat a day in their life) suggesting the gym will produce buns of steel.  One can only hope.

Amidst all the ads telling us we're fat, I have to say...Hmmmm?  Will eating a Special K diet really work?  Should I really eat this, and not that?  Will pre-packaged food seriously shrink my waist line?  It's the things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmm.  

Do I need to pop on Amazon and order Jillian Michael's new (insane) work out dvd?  The answer to all of the above is a big fat N0!  The only thing truly worth trying out is fewer calories in the day and more physical activity.  I wonder if I could create a sexy ad for the truth.  I need to eat what God made, and his stuff does not last on shelves for weeks and weeks.  I need to shake what my mama gave me, more than usual.  If I follow these two simple rules, I will be ok.

I need to hold steadfast to what I know and not be suckered into these fad diets.  Prepare yourself for a whirlwind of things that will make you go Hmmmmmm.

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