Monday, April 16, 2012

Breakin' up is hard to do

Over the weekend, my savvy hubby and I got reacquainted with some of our past loves.  We did this together, all the time laughing and sharing.   We're so scandalous, right?  HA!  I'll tell you some of our mutual past loves: chicken wings, pizza, ice cold beer, potato chips and cookies.  Our old flames made a brief appearance over the weekend and now it's back to reality.  It was a fun flirtation, but now it's Monday and we're back to reality.

Much like a real ex, it's fun initially but we quickly remembered why we broke up in the first place.  These indulgences are best enjoyed once in a blue moon (that's one of our favorite beers, coincidentally!!).  If we ate like idiots every day, things would look a lot bleaker for our futures.  We've been so disciplined to regain our sanity come Monday.  We used to splurge every weekend, for the entire weekend.  As we are aging, we realize it's a lot harder to keep our savvy figures if the flood gates open every Friday and don't close until Monday morning.

This morning the clouds hovered, the rain was pending and quite frankly my mood was in the gutter.  I didn't sleep well for three nights in a row and my energy level was so low I was surprised to find myself driving to the gym...truth be told I wanted to go back to bed.  I got to the gym 45 minutes prior to my strength training class.  There was some serious contemplation going on at this point, "Should I just go home and start again tomorrow?"  I wrestled with this dilemma and got a hold of myself when I remembered the current price of gas and what a waste it would be to get to the gym only to turn around and go home because I was tired!  Hell to the no! 

I put Beyonce on the iPod, hopped on a stationary bike and peddled until the class started.  I then jumped in the studio and lifted weights as if I actually had energy.  My levels did elevate, but at the end of my 1.5 hours of working out I was ready to crash.

My point in sharing this story, get your booty moving whether you're up for it or not.  Do what you can and don't let yourself off the hook.  I consumed more calories and fat over the weekend, then I normally do, so it was a 'go hard or go home mentality' this morning.

In order to remain savvy, I knew I had to hit the gym after my weekend of flirting with my exes.  After all, it's only my health ;)  And I'm never breaking up with my hot bod!!!


Steph @ Upbeat Eats said...

I am super impressed by your strict "no excuses" policy!! When I'm exhausted, I just can't get myself going for anything. It's a work in progress!

Savvy Foodies said...

Thanks Steph! It's not always easy...I have found it's mind over body. My body can make it there, it's just committing my mind to it.

We're all a work in progress ;-)