Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tune out

                                   Press Play and begin to relax

I think I'm hungry, did I eat dinner?  Did I send the email to my mother/brother/sister/friend/co-worker?  Oh no, did I remember to send that thank you note to my sister-in-law?  I need to back up my computer?!  My dad's birthday is next week, can't forget to send a card.  Whoops, I forgot to return my cousin's phone call, will she think I'm rude?  I have to get a present for that wedding next month.  My oil needs changing, crap!!  I think my throat hurts, no maybe it's just allergies, dear sweet Jesus please just be allergies I don't have time to be sick.  I need to google 'allergies' and 'symptoms'.  Oh, look I have a new facebook message!!

Does any of this sound familiar?  If you're anything like me, your mind is constantly on.  Since the invention of the iPhone, iPad and the lap top...my multitasking capabilities have gone from zero to ten in record time.  Keeping focused on one thing is more of a challenge than doing five things at one.

When I'm at the gym I see people talking on their phones while exercising and/or texting in between reps. I want to scream!!  The worst is people who refuse to hang up their phones while going to the bathroom.  I mean, is it really that crucial?  We, as a society, are too plugged in.  There used to be a time when we could not be reached and the world did not end.

When I'm standing on my head, the only thing I am thinking
about is not falling over.  But when I do, I just get right back up.
I step into my yoga class, turn my phone on vibrate, tuck it into my bag and for seventy-five minutes...I let go.  All I have to do is just concentrate on my breathing, posture and not falling over.  It is the most peaceful time in my day.  I know if my mind starts to wander, I'm doing something wrong.  For me, yoga and Pilates provide a time to slow down.  I recognize it's not this way for everyone...maybe swimming or running are the outlets needed to just let go.  Whatever floats your boat and gets you to tune out, DO IT!

Leave your desk, turn off your computer, shut your phone down and step away from the overload of information.  There is a time and place for everything.  By focussing on toning your body for just an hour a day, you'll be surprised at how much better you'll feel.  Learn to say NO and cut out a portion of the day to focus solely on getting your 'yoga on'.  Let yourself off the hook if it takes some time getting used to being a bit selfish.  Don't put yourself last.  Do what makes you relax and feel better.  You can thank me later, when you think of it ;)

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