Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spoon full of sugar theory

Ah yes, Marry Poppins.  We all know she was practically perfect in every way.  However, this famous theory of spooning down some 'sugar' after something miserable begs the question...seriously?  Could we re-write this little ditty and substitute 'sugar' for 'spinach'?  Just a spoon full of spinach helps the medicine go down, yeah....not so much.  We can thank Walt Disney, once again, for distorting our perceptions of reality.

I first saw this movie when I was three.  I committed it to memory and had NO idea just how influential the subliminal message of this particular upbeat tune would be throughout my life.  Just get through whatever you find daunting and challenging (i.e. picking up your pig sty of a room) and treat yourself to something pleasant at the end.  Or in case of the Robin nesting, sing a song.  Why couldn't she have told the children to 'Whistle while they work'?  I guess that song had already been played out.

Children take messages quite literally and grow up to choke their vegetables down in order to get to the desert.  Parents reinforce this 'spoonful of sugar' theory without even realizing it.

Fast forward to adulthood and we wonder why we begin to salivate at the mere thought of a 'spoonful of sugar' when we are stressed out or depressed.  Oh Mary Poppins, you were practically perfect with this one exception.

We all know 'everything in moderation'.  I dabble in a little sugar every now and then so I won't get too high on my horse and preach about the negative aspects of refined sugar in your diet.  Chances are, if you're reading probably know sugar is pretty bad for us.  A lot of sugar is even worse.  So here's a link (to WebMd) for you to read more about the health detriments of sugar

As savvy foodies, we must retrain our buds to feel rewarded after a hard day's work of 'cleaning our rooms' with something savvy.  One trick I have learned - do not even taste the sweet stuff.  If you don't know what you're cannot miss it.  And PLEASE do not think sugar substitutes like Equal, Diet Soda, or the likes, are of ANY good.  Fake sugar is worse than the real deal.  Drinks like 'Skinny Girl Vodka/Margarita/Gin and Tonic/Cynaide' are just crap aimed straight at wannabe skinny bitches.  Don't fake it!

Here's an article in regards to diet soda's poison by Dr. Fuhrman  Here he points out that artificial sweeteners found in sodas, negatively impact our bone density, our kidneys and are directly linked to obesity.

Last night I was having dinner and a delicious desert presented itself after our meal.  It took all the strength I had to not indulge.  It takes mighty will power to pass up the sweet stuff, but once you stop you won't pop!

Another trick - start looking at the sweet stuff for what it is...dangerous.  Sure ONE cookie won't be your downfall, but can you stop there?  Can you have just ONE sweet thing in a week?  Maybe you prioritize other offenders as your reward?  Perhaps you cannot imagine a day without a little sugar in your coffee.  Maybe a bit of bread was had with your dinner...did you know that's pretty much just all sugar?

Maybe you need to educate yourself as to which of your favorite food items are actually just sugar in disguise.  Sugar is used in virtually EVERYTHING!  I'm not an Atkins diet person, but his diet highlights that carbs are sugar.  Sugar converts to fat in our bodies.  I'm not a dietician, but I'm a savvy foodie and I'm learning everyday just how detrimental that 'spoonful of sugar' can truly be.

So dear Jane and Michael, pick up your room and then go play outside.

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