Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friendly smack on the head!

Sometimes the sh*t hits the happens.  Guess what, all hope is not lost.  You are not defeated.  So you can't pass go.  So you can't collect $200.  So it has been too long since you've played Monopoly, I digress.

When you feel like throwing in the towel and saying, "It's too hard to be so good" just find something or someone who helps you get back on your savvy 'horse'.  Do not call your Debbie Downer enabler and wallow in the shallow water of pity...worse thing you can do.  Call up Positive Paul and get thee to a Whole Foods.  Smell the aromas of fresh Tarragon and regain control.

I've been having some doubts in my own abilities/capabilities and then, wouldn't you know, I got a call from a friend and I remembered why I'm still playing this savvy game.  

It's my life.  It's my health and damnit, no one else can do it but me.  

Press play and let the music inspire've only got this one life.

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