Thursday, August 2, 2012

Toss the scale!

I just heard that Shakira song "hips don't lie" and I was inspired to write.

The last few weeks I have been coming back from a bike injury and I've been going hard core because my scale is telling me I'm five pounds heavier...HOLY S*!T!  How did this happen?  I've been working over time at the gym, going to Pilates boot camp and balancing on my head/hands like some type of Cirque du Soleil contortionist.  WHAT GIVES?

I just recently watched an interview with Mary Lou Retton and Shawn Johnson, two of the cutest (and fittest) people in the world.  They both admitted to struggling with body image.  Can you even imagine?  Mary Lou was told she was 'heavy' when she was at the peek of her career and Shawn confessed the need to be 'lighter'.  SERIOUSLY????

Mary Lou now has five, I think, girls and she said there are NO scales in her house.  I already loved this woman, now I'm officially smitten.  She has inspired me to toss my scale and realize my pants don't lie.

My trainer has reminded me muscle weighs more than fat and let me tell you...I'm gettin' some 'guns'.  My abs have more definition and I feel comfortable in my shorts.  I used to think shorts were only for 5 year olds, but thanks to all my training I've made peace with these little monsters.  BUT, this does not mean I should be squeezing myself into shorts that make me look like a sausage casing!  NOT CHIC.

I'm taking a deep breath and carrying on.  Being a woman I know weight can fluctuate more than a mood swing.  I trust my pants, they won't lie.

Now, I'd like to extend the same mentality to savvy readers.  Put your big boy/girl pants on and toss your scale out the window!  By getting properly fitting pants and not creeping up a size, we won't have a thing to worry about.  Staying strong and motivated are the keys to success.  Trust me, my hips and my lips don't lie.

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