Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Better get your armor!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  Here we go, yet again.  We know what time of the year it is based on the parking lots at the gym.  We all jump on the resolution band wagon and hang on for dear life.  We watch the morning news and we're given 'helpful' healthy tips as to how to slim down.

Being a savvy foodie, this time of the year is nothing short of a solid reason to do a happy dance!  This is the time when we can all make the change we've been dreaming of.  It's time to make this resolution stick and come next year we'll be able to say, "Eh...I'll just go to the gym as if it were any other day".

If you arm yourself with the right armor, the resolution becomes a way of life.  I implore you to adopt a new way of living!  This is your life and it's time to take it back!  Download a few new inspirational tunes.  Subscribe to SHAPE magazine.  Get some new workout wear.  Whatever it takes for you to realize this is not a choice, it's a way of living!!

As of today, there is no more sitting on the fence.  Commit to the healthy side and haul ass towards a new you!!  Fight for YOU!  Be the true YOU!  Forget the past.  Forgive yourself and move on!  When you know better, you can do better.

I don't believe in the scale...shocking, right?  I believe in the power of the pants.  Last year, I ordered a pair of jeans from my favorite on-line retailer ( endorse me!!).  I wanted to get a pair of 'fat pants'.  Don't judge.  There are certain days when I want to continue blood circulation to all parts of my body.  So I ordered a size up.  Zappos (LOVE YOU!!) sent me my actual size, despite my request for a higher size.  Instead of sending the wrong size back, I took it on as a challenge.  I emailed them to alert them as to their mistake.  I received a, prompt, email back with an offer to save on my next purchase.  I told them I took the mistake to be a challenge.  They commended me and guess what...I need to order a new pair, now.  I need a size DOWN!!  I mean....WOO FRIGGIN' WHO!!!

I took my fear of running and made it a curiosity.  I NEVER thought I'd actually enjoy running.  I dreaded it every year in school when they MADE me run.  I, thank you God, was never the over weight youngster in my class, but I would always run along side them in my youth.  I WISH I could run that stupid mile now!  I'd surely show my gym teacher!!  I conquered my fear of running and accomplished several 5K runs last year.  As of New Year's Day 2012 I'm now training for a 10K set to run this Fall.

It's C-R-I-T-I-C-A-L to set goals for yourself.  Competition was never something I enjoyed.  But when it's just me, myself and I competing...something wonderful happened!  I had a 'bring it on' attitude when I'm trying to beat my last time, mile, weight, etc.

I'm a visual person.  So when I see something I want, I keep it in the back of my head so as to push through the rough spots.
Here's what I keep in mind when the tough gets going:

Lady Gaga has the best abs, butt and the girl is a well oiled-machine!

Yoga positions can be so incredibly beautiful, when done properly.  I strive for a new pose each time I enter a studio.  Maybe someday I'll achieve this one.  But I have come so far, so I'm proud of my accomplishments :)

When you think 'ballet dancer' this is the only one that should come to mind.
Mikhail Baryshnikov is the most insanely beautiful athlete in the entire universe.  Period.

Jennifer is not just a pretty face.  This woman is a complete package of what healthy looks like.  She is not emaciated looking.  She has curves and she looks totally healthy!  Her muscle tone is perfection.

So these are just a few of my favorite things.  When I think I can't go on any further, I bring these images to mind and realize they have to work just as hard.  If they didn't push themselves, I (and you) would most likely never have heard of them.  Dust off your old suit of armor and get ready to take on the new you.  It's amazing what can be done, with a bit of will power.


Epic Fail said...

I don't think Shape magazine will help me, but I do read Muscle and Fitness. I ran yesterday and was terrible. I seem to be getting slower and slower. Then again, I think I may have a broken toe so that probably didn't help any. And I had done my leg workout prior to running, so I was already wobbly.

It's a new year. I wonder what I can accomplish this year?

Savvy Foodies said...

You broke your toe and you're still running? I mean...BRAVO! That's some serious dedication. Do you usually do your workout prior to running? I always get my run in first. I've read if you do some sprinting prior to weight training, you're able to build more muscle.

Isn't it great getting to see what you can accomplish once you put your mind to it? Take care of that bum toe!

Epic Fail said...

My foot really hurts today so that run may not have been such a good idea. HA HA! I really need to do a few sprint workouts and if I were doing one I would not be combining it with a weight leg workout, or else I'd do the sprints first. The run that I do after a workout is just a short 1 mile run to make sure that I do some running that day. But I hadn't run at all during the holidays and I was surprised at how much I struggled to do a less-than-decent pace over that 1 mile. It should have been an easy, quick run, but it really wasn't.