Monday, January 16, 2012

Creepy Creeperson

Greetings my savvy foodies!  Next month will mark my one year anniversary of being a diligent gym goer.  I joined last February because I was buying maternity pants simply because non-baby loving pants were cutting off circulation.  I was beginning to sport some serious muffin top wasn't pretty.

I had my own 'COME TO JESUS' moment right there in the Target parking lot.  Don't cut me any slack, I was not with child so the pants were purely a (large) mistake.  I stopped the *creeping process right there in its' track.  I honestly remember thinking, secretly, "I haven't been a member of a gym in years and I look pretty good."  I look back and admire my deluded self-confidence, for I was lying to myself.

When I joined my gym, I signed up for the two complimentary sessions with a personal trainer.  What I discovered on that chilly February afternoon were two things: how completely out of shape I had become AND my 'diet' consisted of fake food!!

I was eating things that weren't even food.  By this I mean highly preserved 'meals' because they were cheap and easy...HA!  A common occurrence so many Americans fall victim to.  I would make protein shakes (made up of who knows what?!?!) and use 'low fat' chemical infused products to fill my tummy.  Does any of this sound familiar?

"Look at that Millie, that food has
been preserved since the year we were born!"
The trainer looked me square in the eye and asked, "Why are you not eatting real food?".  I honestly had yet to ask myself this question.  So I promised her I would eat naturally occurring foods and only things the good Lord gave us to nibble on.  I had a lot of bad habits to break and it wasn't easy to do.  No one wants to be told the things they enjoy are actually detrimental to their health.  

I started consuming green smoothies and incorporated more fruits and veggies into non-smoothie meals.  I got rid of the white and fried stuff and vowed to make green and brown (with the exception of rotten fruit) my new favorite food colors.  The more colors there are on your plate the better the meal.  This does not allow for Cheetos, you stinker ;)

I took up new group classes and began to rotate my routines.  I began training for a 5K and accomplished a handful of them last year.  But I kid you not, there were moments of extreme disappointment.  I had to realize my body did not adjust to change like it had in the past.  My 32 year old self was not as springy as my 20 something self used to be.  I had to work harder and practice patience.  I'm not creepin' into larger pants anymore!!  That's the best news!  Aside from eating REAL food. I am now training for a 10K.  I am leaner, stronger and now I do not have a delusional sense of self.

Where are you on your savvy journey?

*Creeping: when a foodie goes from one size UP to the next larger size

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