Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reality bites

I love this cartoon because it's the truth.  Most of the people we can ask "Is my butt getting bigger?" usually say it ain't so.  I believe they shelter us from the ugly truth for two reasons.  First, because it puts them in a very awkward position.  Secondly, they love us so they don't want to hurt our feelings.

The usual responses: "Oh no, you look fine" or "You know, we could all use some toning up" and my favorite "Are you PMSing?".

I only had ONE friend who would tell me, "Honey, I've noticed there is more of you to love and it doesn't look good."  She herself was a tiny little thing who was obsessed with running marathons.  Our friendship started out on this note and I never took her statements personally.

This is the thing...although we feel incredibly bad when others notice we are expanding, they need to tell us.  Our brains can distort our image when we look in the mirror.  Some people see 'flab' when there isn't an inch to pinch, and others are so delusional they think fat is normal.  Then there are some of us who know we're creeping up the scale and we just hope others aren't noticing.  Honest friends (and pant sizes) won't lie.

Conversely, when people (friend or foe) start noticing your efforts to take up less space in the world, the thrill beats any slice of chocolate cake.  Once you start retraining your brain and make a conscious effort to make some positive choices, the results are contagious.    Everyone wants to hear, "YOU LOOK GOOD".

In previous posts I have talked about (accidentally) buying maternity pants when I wasn't preggers and how I had to creep up into bigger pant sizes just to breathe....well I am happy to report as a result of making positive changes in my lifestyle my 'fat' pants are now too fat!!  I'm doing a little happy dance because I am now comfortable back in my size 6 slacks.  No more crying in the fitting room because I was nearly sizing out of my favorite stores.

I've got the moves like Jagger and I'm ready to stay strong in this life. I don't diet and I love it!!   I don't have to ask anyone if I look 'big' in my clothes anymore.  People can tell I've slimmed down and I will do everything I can to help anyone who needs some friendly assistance.


Crack You Whip said...

So funny and true! Someone asked me how far along I was once in my pregnancy and he put his hand on my stomach and I was so not pregnant...lets just say I lost 40 pounds in the next 6 months. Sometimes that is all it takes! Great post!

Savvy Foodies said...

LOL! He actually put his hand on your stomach? Some people are so bold. But you know what, I'm going to bet that you'll remember him for the rest of your life. Good for you!!!