Saturday, May 12, 2012

In your light

                 *I found this video on YouTube and I cannot help but SMILE :-)

I recently read an article in Prevention Magazine regarding, what else...hurdles in weight loss.  The article pointed out common pitfalls we may find ourselves in when we just can't lose those last pesky pounds.  One of the ideas they highlighted was the 'birds of a feather' theory.

Meaning, folks who are trying to lose weight need to be mindful of the company they keep.  If you're going out to eat with a preferred friend and they do not have the same weight issues or they frankly don't give a damn...they may be subconsciously or consciously affecting you.  You may have heard people say to you, as you try to stand your ground, "You have been doing so good, just splurge!" or "Lets just eat whatever we want...chili cheese fries work for you?".

You don't want to be anti-social or isolate yourself, so it's very savvy to be prepared for comments like these.  Stick to your guns and tell that person it's not your 'cheat day' and hopefully they will understand.  There's a fine line between being a savvy foodie and a foodie snob.  Practice some will power and tell that person they can have whatever they want because you're not trying to lose their weight, just your own.  You don't have to get all self-righteous on them, just simply order something you know isn't going to stunt your weight loss progress.

If going out to eat is just too tempting, find alternate activities.  I know this may be easier said than done...our culture centers around food and cocktails.  Want to go out for some broccoli?  Stop over and I'll not cook.  Sounds funny, right?

Perhaps phone/text a friend who is a positive influence.  Get all food geeky and talk about what you've found to work.  I once got a friend turned on to Kale simply because we were talking about it over dinner!  I'm a savvy foodie, so usually my topics of conversation are centered around tips and tricks I've learned ;-)

It's not easy, but you're quite savvy so I trust you'll think of something.  Get in the savvy light and that is all you'll need.

*The song 'In Your Light' is one of my favorites.  Every time it comes on my iPod I just cannot help but be in a good mood.  I hope you enjoy!

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