Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Picking a path

Morning walk
In life it is inevitable to encounter choices.  The big ones involve picking a school, a partner, a career, a family, etc.

Granted, these are the big questions we face.  Life is a multiple choice test with no right answer.  We just fill our days making small choices that ultimately impact our path.  We plug along deciding what to eat for dinner, who to spend our time with and making choices we hope are right.  Some people believe in the power of prayer, others will seek assurance from trusted friends and family.

All in all, most of us have a drive to be happy and make others happy.  What makes you happy?  Would you feel differently if someone was pointing out your path for you?  Would you rebel?  Would you challenge them?  Or maybe you would feel relieved to not have to make the decision for yourself.

I'm tackling the path to health.  Everyday, I attempt to reform my old maladaptive ways and walk a path that challenges my comfort zone.  The problem with broken paths, is while we are trudging along we think they're 'alright' but later discover we were going about the path all wrong.

I was a vegetarian for four years and while I thought I had embraced a new and healthier way of living, I had slipped away from eating animals and into a diet consisting mainly of fake/processed food and CARBS!  Cheese pizza?  SURE!  French fries? Pass 'em over here!!  I had also consumed numerous frozen entrees chalk full of ingredients I didn't recognize and could not pronounce.  Ultimately, there was more of me to love than I had wanted ;)
Morning walk path

After four years of passing on the meat, I was sitting at my favorite Japanese restaurant and could not keep my chopsticks off of my savvy hubby's hibachi steak.  My body was sending me a message loud and clear...I was on the wrong path.  I reintroduced meat into my diet and now I'm on a much healthier path, for me.

I know vegetarians and vegans who would tell me otherwise, but for now my path involves ingesting animal protein.  I'm still not a huge meat eater and I tend to shy away from red meat as much as possible.  My diet consists less and less of carbs, but I still make sure I balance the carbs with the protein.  Chicken and vegetables, fillet Mignon with vegetables, plain hamburger with vegetables, etc.  No bun, no bread and no fries!

My path is not always a clear one, but my ultimate destination is a healthy body that will keep me out of doctor's office and standing in the upright position for as long as I'm still on this Earth selecting my paths.

My path involves savvy eating and exercising as much as I can.  It's not always easy, but when I think about the previous path I was treading there is no question this one is much brighter and healthier.

Which path are you on?  What is your destination?



Freda Gore said...

Hi Savvy, Love your morning path walkway, very natural and beautiful. My pathway is learning to enjoy my life more, to find real joy in the things around me. In the past I was a workaholic the mother of 5 kids I was always taking care of everyone. Not much time was left to take care of myself. I got a wake up call when I became a boomer and found out I suffered from high blood pressure and was put on medication. Something had to give. So I got rid of my stressing management sales job and started on a new path, to re-invent myself 1) To love more both God and man, To take care of me, by living a more aware and healthy lifestyle, To just let it go its not worth it. Can I please everyone no but that's okay. So far on this path I am finding things about myself that I had lost in trying to be everything to everyone. Its a journey but this time around I intend to enjoy it.

Savvy Foodies said...

I am inspired by you and hope that when my path gets more complicated, I will remember your journey that you shared with me and take heed. Life isn't easy, but if you neglect yourself...what good can come from life?

Everyday I take my pups for a walk. This morning happened to be one of the most gorgeous days and I couldn't help but be inspired to capture these two shots and write about pathways. I wish paths were more clearly defined and less of a leap of faith ;)

Clearly you are strong and brave - two traits I'm always trying to learn. Thank you for sharing your journey.