Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I can't help falling...

Do you know the importance of being balanced?  Do you have difficulty standing on one foot?  Are you the adorably clumsy one in your social circle?  Guess what this may mean - your core (which is the region of your body you'll know as your tummy) needs a serious tune up.  It's also an indicator your equilibrium is weak.

Trust me, all hope is not lost.  You may be asking yourself, at this very moment, "Um...I don't think I'm unbalanced.  What is this crazy foodie talking about?"

Test your balance - I was told one way to tell if you need some balance work is to stand, whilst in the shower, and try washing one foot at a time without holding on to something.  Lift one foot to suds it up.  If your doing the twist, without music, just to clean the bottom of your foot, guess what?  This post is for you!! Please note, use caution otherwise this test may be rather dicey and could be super embarrassing if you need to call someone in for assistance because you fell and could not get back up.

Many gym goers (mostly guys) will scoff at the idea of balance and flexibility training.  The usual response, I hear: "Yeah, that's not what gets you toned.  It's all about weights."  Well, try washing your foot, Arnold.

Balance helps to improve posture.  Good posture helps to keep common soreness like low back, neck and shoulder problems at bay.  We live in a world where most of us sit at desks, slumped over with our pelvic bones totally off center.  If you don't dig yoga, that's groovy.  Whatever gets you balanced will do.

Say hello to my little friend...the Bosu Ball!!!  
If you're not sure you want to test your balance in your birthday suit in the shower, then try balancing on this number. 

Warrior III balance

Boat poise balance

"Take that" old fashion sit-up method

This is WAY harder than it looks, try holding it for thirty seconds

Alternate sides with a medicine ball, or you could use a free weight

Take a regular leg lift exercise and throw in this off balance  challenge

I found this is on YouTube.  It may be more or less advanced for your particular level, but I included it because she used both sides of the Bosu.  And it'll give you some ideas!

This is a great workout and the best part is while your engaging various muscles (i.e. quads, glutes, etc.) you are simultaneously altering your base so your abs will always be engaged to keep you balanced.  

Are you ready for your Bosu balance workout? 


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