Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Health is a gift, not a given

My savvy hubby and I decided to go for an adventurous bike ride over the weekend.  After stopping for a bite to eat, we decided to go for another quick ride.  This time, instead of a bike path, we took to the side walks.  My spacial perception is not what it used to be and I learned, the hard way, wide open spaces work best for me...not narrow sidewalks.  Five minutes into the second leg of the ride, I went down.  I was not wearing a helmet, but fortunately my shoulder and knee took the brunt of the fall.

I didn't break anything, but putting weight on my legs wasn't happening.  I cut up my knee, bruised my shin, skinned my elbow and shoulder and now I'm down for the count.  I'm frustrated, annoyed and altogether grumpy.

I had to cancel all of my classes and tell my trainer I wouldn't be able to start the boot camp class for another two weeks.  What a major set back.  Her words to me, "EAT WELL."  I hung up the phone and took her message to heart.  As I lay here, allowing my body to heal, I can only consume calories and can't really burn any.  I cannot build any muscle.  I can just sit here and feel sorry for myself.  In the past this would have been my 'get out of jail free card' and I would turn to my good ol' friend...Kraft Macaroni and cheese, of course!

Thanks to my fabulous trainer, I got the message loud and clear.  Here's an excellent opportunity for me to practice what I've been preaching.  Carb overloading will not accomplish anything.  So I eat sparingly and make sure I'm getting protein, along with fruits and veggies.

I'm also taking the time to appreciate my health and realizing it's not a given.  Accidents can, and do, happen.  I'm investing in a bike helmet and trying to convince myself that I'll be as good as new in no time.  Here's to your health!

My right knee, with a healing balm
My injured left shoulder


Anonymous said...

Wow Amy. That looks painful. Glad to hear that you're healing yourself from the inside - out!
- Shawnie Bray, Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor

Anonymous said...

Omg that looks painful!!!

Savvy Foodies said...

I'm also learning the importance of being patient...sigh

Freda Gore said...

Sorry About your pain, looks pretty painful. I hope you are healing nicely.

Savvy Foodies said...

I'm doing my best to learn from this lesson :-)