Friday, June 1, 2012

Get movin'

Get this...more than 75% of the American adult population does NOT partake in the recommended daily 30 minute low-moderate physical activity.  I took this statistic out for a spin and the feedback: "After a mentally exhausting day, who wants to?", "I don't have any extra time", "Really?!?!"

So what's up with this?  Our country is more overweight than they are normal weight (I'm completely turned off by the word 'skinny' so I try to omit it)...66% are overweight and of those overweight 30% are obese.  And guess which population is most at risk?  Kids!  Schools are cutting out physical activities from their days and after school programs are getting the ax, so these little bodies just PLOP in front of the TV or computer.  Something needs to be done!!!

What are some of your barriers?  Common obstacles to getting our booties moving are social supports, resources, fear of failure/pain or just not giving a hoot!  There are people in this world who think, "what's the point, we're all going to die."  I cringe at this thought.  Sure, no one will live forever but isn't important to feel good as we approach the end?  For me, it's a no brainer.  I don't want to take drugs to alleviate aches and pains, I'd like to spend more time with my fam instead of the doctor's office and quite frankly being strong is one of the coolest feelings!

What gets people moving?  Social supports, resources, achieving goals, imagery, a good dance beat and the desire to say, "I'll carry in all the groceries, solo!".  Ok, so maybe that last one is just mine ;-)  I started getting my act together and before I knew it, my strength had increased and I no longer ask my super savvy (and strong) hubby to do things for me. HA!

I have found it to be beneficial to set some goals in order to achieve the big ones.  My ultimate goal is to increase strength and endurance.  The way I work towards these goals - train for a 5K, take on challenging classes, make peace with weight equipment, talk to social supports about small achievements.  I ran a 5K last year with my savvy hubby and it was great to have each other to share the pain, er memory.  

Here's a (funny) true story.  My best friend and I signed up (and paid) for a 5K run in Central Park.  We got up super early in order to make it by 8am.  For us, this was killer.  We're the type of friends who get some serious pillow talk done into the wee hours of the night.  But we were committed.  We nearly missed our stop on the train because we were chatting!  But come hell or high water, we made it to Central Park on-time and ready to run.  Well...this fly by night group that took our money were no where to be seen.  There were a handful of other frustrated runners that joined our search to find the sign in table.  Well, the joke was on us.  They never materialized.  

My bff turned to me and said, "Breakfast?".  I said, "Hell to the no, we got our butts up this early and we're ready to run, so we're running."  And off we went.  We kept each other honest, even though we had gotten tangled up with a dishonest company.  That's my secret - I keep my supports close at hand and when I don't feel like going to the gym or eating non-savvy foods, I remember my motivators and I stay on track.  
Glo and I ready to run in Central Park

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