Friday, June 29, 2012

We're all a bunch of test tubes!

What kind of 'eater' are you?  Do you eat for fun?  Are you overwhelmed by all the info?  Do you try to get in as many fruits and veggies and tend to fail?  Do you just want someone to tell you what you should eat?  Already being a savvy foodie, I know you're here because you do in fact care about the type of food you're putting into your body.  For this, I applaud you!!  You ROCK!!!

As promised, I'm sharing what I am learning.  I just finished studying bioenergetics.  "Bio what now??" you may be asking.  Well here's the short answer.

Basically, when we're physically active, we need energy to sustain us.  Otherwise, we won't be able to accomplish daily activities or exercise.  We need: fat, carbohydrates and protein.  These are sources of fuel for our bodies.

"But fat makes us fat and carbs!!!  CARBS!!!"  I hear 'ya, and I'm here to reassure you it's all good.  We need GOOD fat, we need complex carbohydrates in order to move our booties.  Protein is a given, but guess what I just rarely supplies energy during exercise.

While reading this chapter I was seriously wishing I had paid closer attention during my chemistry classes.  For those of you who didn't know, carbohydrates aren't just starchy yummy no-no's.  Technically, it's carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.  I cannot help but view people as walking test tubes.  What we put into our bodies (or test tubes) will directly impact the shape of our tubes.  If we don't know what is going into our tubes, how can we control the shape?

Our society is set up for failure!!  We are running towards frightening numbers as the years roll on.  According to the CDC, currently more than 35% of Americans are obese!  68.8% of Americans are overweight.  I mean...HOLD THE PHONE!!!!!!

Society is throwing barrel fulls of fake food, crap and more crap at us and we're putting them into our 'test tubes'.  Fast food is so incredibly cheap and accessible!  McD's actually spends beaucoup bucks on research to determine 'easy to eat food' on the go.  If the item isn't car friendly, it's tossed.  Go to Starbucks and ask for a venti Frappuccino and you could be getting an entire days worth of calories in a single cup! Opt for a salad at any given chain restaurant and the dressing ALONE will squash your good intentions.  News reports condem fat and offer 'low-fat/no-fat' alternatives.  What this means...MORE SUGAR!  Fat provides flavor and to make up for the lack of flavor, they add sugar (or other chemical GMO's).  Low-fat/no-fat has completely screwed up our metabolisms and our test tubes are expanding and bubbling over!  I mean....HOLY CRAP-OLA!!!!  What's a person to do?

Unless you're training to become a personal trainer or a nutritionist, the education tends to be buried, boring and overwhelming. You must be your own advocate.  Here are a few ways to arm yourself against the monsters.

1.  READ LABELS - take the time to turn the shelved products around and find out what you're going to consume.
2.  KNOW WHAT TO AVOID - ok, so you've flipped the label, now what?  Most oils are on the 'do-not-eat list'.  Most processed items will contain more oils than a pimply faced teenager.
3.  READ SAVVY FOODIES - that should be a given
4.  TALK AND SHARE THE WEALTH - speak with like minded individuals and you'll probably pick up a new trick or two
5.  GET THEE TO A GYM - if you're moving your booty more, you'll most likely want to be good to your body.
6.  GET SOME APPS - there are great apps out there to help keep you savvy.  One of my favorites is 'Fast Food Calories'.  Hit the link for a direct connection.  Here you can find virtually any restaurant's nutritional info.
7.  DON'T GIVE UP - whatever you do, keep trying to be savvy.  Don't give in and for cryin' out loud...give yourself a break if you need to cheat.  Just keep getting back up on your horse and ride off into the enlightened sunset.

These are just a few suggestions.  I'd love to hear from you if you have any more.  Like I already said, it's so important to share ideas.  This is how I turned my corner and started eating outside the box.  You may, initially, feel like a real Debby Downer saying, "Oh, I cannot eat that" but you'll start to feel stronger and realize you don't have to just mindlessly eat whatever.  It's your test tube!


Epic Fail said...

I don't have any better suggestions than what you've already said, but it is good to read it all again and remind myself. It's ironic that our First Lady lectures us about food so much while our government subsidizes the very things that are killing us in order to bring us more of it. Not that I'm here to get all political or anything. I just need to eat better. I had a good app on my phone for tracking proteins, carbs and fats, but I got a new phone and still haven't downloaded and reinstalled it. I need to get on that.

Savvy Foodies said...

Thanks for your input!! I agree that the government talks out of both sides of their mouth. Let me know when you remember the name of the app that you used. I''m obsessed with food/health apps.