Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fabulous Day!

Angel Eyes Photography by Hilda Burke
That's me on my wedding day, one year ago yesterday!  I weighed 145 pounds and let me tell you...I was proud of the way I looked.  In order to become picture perfect, I steered clear of carbs and swore off sodium.  In other words, I put the fun in 'dysFUNctional'!!!  Naturally, once I cleared my goal I fell right back into old patterns.  Once my honey and I hit the beach in Bermuda I gorged on carbs (again...sigh). It didn't stop there.

My honeymoon was O-V-E-R on April 28th, 2011. This was the day of Kate and Will's wedding.  Sure my actual honeymoon had come to a close months earlier, but when this gal got hitched reality struck HARD.

On the day of their wedding my mother and I held hands, cried and poured the bubbly as Kate strolled down the aisle.  She was a vision!!  Redefining the idea of the words 'princess bride'.....
she was completely breath taking.  I couldn't help myself, I had to bust out my own dress and make the comparison.  To be honest, I had two dresses for my wedding.  A big old ball gown and a short party dress. I pulled out the short dress, frankly because it's much easier to get in and out of.

I slipped into the dress and then begged my mother for help.  "Ok, suck it in", she commanded as I turned blue in the face.
I thought I was going to pass out.  The dress wouldn't zip.  It wasn't even close.

My heart sank.  My mother tried to console me by saying, "At least you don't have to worry about wearing it anymore."  She was right, I would never have an excuse to wear my ivory lace party dress.  I mean, I can't exactly show up to a dinner party in a WEDDING DRESS!!!  My spirits were, nonetheless, dashed.  I was sure Kate would not let herself go after the big day.

So today...October 11th (366 days after I said "I DO!") I got back into my little party dress.  Ladies and Gents...IT ZIPS!!!!  And to be completely honest, I have not sworn off carbs.  I'm a happy little foodie!  I actually eat what makes me happy!!  I have wine, chocolate and carbs and my dress fits!  It's a good day!

The difference between me now and the me getting ready for the wedding...I make savvy choices!!  No seriously, I think about portions, working out and doing it again and again.  There's a guy at my gym who frequents many of the same classes as I do.  The instructors are aware of his commitment to the gym and feel compelled to share his 100+ pound weight loss story.  His key to success: KEEP COMING BACK.  He inspires me, much like Kate Middleton.  He keeps at it!  No matter how many pitfalls or countless days when he doesn't 'feel like it'...his dedication to his physical well being resulted in an inspirational story.

I'm not 100+ pounds overweight, but his message speaks to me.  I will forever be dedicated to my own well-being and preservation.  It's not a short term goal.  Being a savvy foodie will require a lifetime promise to doing better.

Angel Eyes Photography by Hilda Burke

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