Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I kicked my own butt

In addition to being a savvy foodie, I also make exercise a normal part of my life.  There's no weight loss goal, I gave up on bikini season and I'm happily married (so he wisely tells me I'm a beautiful everyday).  I try to switch up my training, so as to avoid getting bored.  I "enjoy" yoga, strength training and I've survived 2 spin classes.

Over the weekend there was a substitute for my favorite strength training class.  I thought the usual teacher was tough, this sub was BRUTAL!  I've been working out, regularly, for 8 months and I consider myself to be strong.  Today is the first day I have actually been back to the gym.  I took 2 days off, not because I was busy but it pained me to walk.  So today I got back on my 'wagon' and I decided to take a spin class.  Oh sweet Jesus am I hurtin!  In a class of 25 regulars, I was the only gal who hadn't taken this class in months and the instructor was new to me.  He said I would probably hate him afterwards, and while I refrain from hating anyone...if I never see his face again, I'd be ok with that.

I know I'm in a ridiculous class when I keep looking at the clock.  That was the longest hour of my life!!  I kept trying to plot out an escape route, but my ego kept my butt on that uncomfortable bike seat.  I would have been too embarrassed to walk out after 15, 20, 35, 55 minutes.   I was the youngest person in the class and I felt a sense of obligation to the other spinners.  When I ran out of water, with 15 minutes still to go, I nearly justified a walk of shame.

The reason I'm blogging about this is to share a trick that keeps me going.   When I'm in a class with other people and there's no easy exit, my tendency is to stay right where I am and gut it out.  I mean, obviously I would have left if I thought death was the only alternative.  But seeing as how I was still very much alive and spinning, I had no other choice than to remain in the center of the room and keep on cycling.

It's amazing what your body will do when you put your mind to it!  I may not be able to walk for another 2 days, but at least my integrity is in tack.

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