Saturday, October 1, 2011

Food on the brain

I usually wake up with a bit of a song on instant replay in my head.  This morning I had this little diddy thrashing around.  I mean...of all the songs, THIS ONE?  Even I had to laugh.  After a few minutes of trying to figure out WHY this was on my brain, I came to the conclusion...I was hungry.  I mean, after all it was 5:45 am.  So I threw back my covers and got my grub on!  By the way, I'm interested to see if anyone has ever tried combining the lime and coconut?  Sounds like it might be good.

This is a great time to talk about the importance of breakfast!! My previous belief was to consume fewer calories in the am.  I knew adding breakfast to the party would help get my metabolism going.  But what I have now discovered is it's really the best time to consume your largest meal in the morning.  This way you have the rest of the day to burn off the calories!!
I'm not suggesting you just mindlessly munch, like this gal...
It's an American way of life to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Dinner, for most of us, involves an appetizer, an entree and a desert.  We shovel it all in right before passing out for the day.  If we have a dinner with a huge dose of carbs, it's no surprise that we fall asleep.  Ever seen Aunt Sally after a big Thanksgiving Day dinner...she turns into sleeping beauty.  Guess what that means...all those unused calories convert into FAT!  BLECK!  

Maybe this Aunt Sally needs to lay off the vino, too!

Be savvy about your food choices.  The internet is chock full of sites dedicated to informing us of the content of our meals.  There are apps for us to download and become savvy.  I recently downloaded an app that breaks down the ugly truth of many popular restaurants.  Some are free, others are relatively cheap.  We really have NO excuse anymore...guess what, we're not eating good in the neighborhood.  Once you become a savvy foodie, you may never eat outside your house again!  Kidding!  But no seriously, check it out.

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