Friday, October 14, 2011

Moody food

You feel what you eat, seriously.  Fortunately, you won't turn into what you eat...but you'll be affected by food.  Some food can leave you feeling sluggish, tired and down right lazy.  Some food will make you feel sick after eating it.  Other food will leave you feeling greasier than a car mechanic on a hot busy summer day.  Blek!

Ask yourself this, do you ever feel disgusting after eating an apple/pear/broccoli/brown rice?  Think of people like walking labs.  Not labs, as in the dog, but labs with beakers and test tubes.  Our bodies will react to sugar, fat, carbs, protein, etc.  Protein will give us more energy, carbs make us crave more carbs, sugar can send us soaring and fat will hang on to the others and show up in places we'd rather it not be.  Not all of the above are inherently bad or good.  We must educate ourselves and eat what's right for our bodies.

Being a savvy foodie, I don't always eat what's in front of me but I'll listen to what others say about their chosen meal.  Usually the bad stuff goes down with the greatest of ease.  Then comes the belly rubbing and I hear "Oh my God, I should not have eaten that.  I feel gross."  I'm not a self-righteous foodie and I don't judge.  But I do ask (in my inner dialogue), "If you feel gross, why did you eat it?  It's probably not the first time you've put that down and now you feel like crap.  WHY?"  

My savvy hubby will say, after a delicious meal, "I feel good.  I didn't overeat and this was healthy."  If we know what our body needs, why do we give into our teeny, tiny little taste buds?  Alright, I'm not an idiot...I got it.  There are bigger forces at play here, but c'mon!  Why eat the crap and beat ourselves up for doing so afterwards?  It's a crazy roller coaster ride we put ourselves on.  We have the power to get off the stomach turning ride and stop the madness!

Eat foods that make you feel good!  That's the moral of this lesson.  Ask yourself, before chowing down, "Will I feel guilty afterwards?" If you can answer with a resounding YES, DON'T DO IT!  If you know it won't be a problem, DO IT!

Happy Friday!  Be good to yourself this weekend!!

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