Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Better get your armor!

Confession: when I'm in the kitchen I usually have music on.  Sometimes I tango with the celery or cha-cha while I make a smoothie.  I'll put my iPod on random and dance around while cooking.  You should see me when I uncork a bottle of vino!!  I'm digressing, my point...Jordin Sparks 'Battlefield' came on and I had an 'AHA' MOMENT in the kitchen. I did a twirl and sang into my spoon!

Replace the word 'food' instead of love and suddenly this Savvy Foodie has a theme song!  Why does food always feel like a battlefield?  Guess you better go and get your armor!!!   

I don't want to give the impression that I'm crazed about everything I put in my mouth, not the case.  But when one is trying to eat sensibly, it's as though all the crap jumps out at you.  Maybe I'm just more susceptible during certain times of the month...thank you Aunt Flo! 

Food is meant to be nourishing, it's not meant to be warfare.  However, we live in a world where time is money and most of us don't have much of either.  We don't have time to cook so we reach for the pre-packaged goods.  Or worse, we stop by a fast food chain to get something hot and cheap (kind of sounds like a bad date!!!).  I'll admit, produce can become VERY costly if not consumed immediately.  I've had to toss so much of it if I don't cook/eat it the day of purchase or the very next day.  But pre-processed goods...hek those suckers last forever and are cheaper!  

This battlefield is very real.  My armor is education.  I know these fast and cheap meals will bring me down.  I'll be fighting the battle of the bulge.  I'll wrestle with guilt.  I'll try to justify my defeat with sayings like, "Ah well, I'm on vacation", "Just this once", blah blah blah. I'll also have long term consequences for giving in.   Diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, achy joints, lethargy, acid reflux, high blood pressure and cellulite are just a few of those consequences.  The answer is so friggin' obvious!

Food doesn't always have to feel like a battlefield.  One defense is to make sure I fill up on protein to keep the hunger cravings at bay.  Load up on fruits, veggies and nuts instead of sugary snacks.  Another line of defense is exercise.  Once I added in strength training to my routine, those cookies/fries/cake/cheese burgers, etc., began looking a lot less appealing.  I work too damn hard to just chuck it all down the drain.  If anyone ever tells you going to the gym is fun, they're either lying or they need a life.  It's not fun, but it's rewarding.

Arming yourself with knowledge will help you make peace with your food.  Work your butt off at the gym and in the kitchen and the battle becomes less apparent.

Suddenly this song will become a new theme song...you'll be ok.

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