Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Water is the new black

I've always been a fan of water.  I'll drink it at the gym, with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I'm one of those people who cannot get enough.  When I go out to eat I get so frustrated when my glass is empty.  I'll resort to chomping on the remaining ice in my glass.   I never realized how many people have confessed to 'not liking the way water tastes'.  I was completely baffled and suggested they stop drinking the stuff coming out of their faucet.

I've tasted some pretty nasty water before, but the majority of water is yummy.  There have been times when I can actually feel my body craving,, water!

There are so many benefits: better looking skin, less fatigue, longer endurance at the gym, aids in food digestion, it doesn't cost a thing (unless you specifically ask for bottled water at a fancy eatery), some say it's a bonus for mental health and I also read it helps to curb midnight munching!!  That last one I'll have to put to the test before claiming it to be true.

If you have ever experienced a hangover, what's the one thing you wake up looking for?  I've been there (too many times to mention) and for me it's always water.  I have a friend, who doesn't drink, but loved to go out with friends.  When she would find herself in social situations being pressured to have a cocktail, she'd ask for water in a martini or wine glass in an effort to 'fit in'.
For pregnant gals, it's smart to ask for the same thing.  My friends have shared that by simply holding a wine glass, they feel included in their girl's night out.  After a long day, I do the same thing.  I'm not opposed to alcohol and I don't have a bun in the oven, but it's a great way to 'trick' the mind.  There's something about holding a wine glass that makes me believe its' contents will relax me.

There's a product on the market called 'Metromint' and it's absolutely fab!  It's flavored, unsweetened water.  The ingredients are on the back of the bottle and there's nothing I can't pronounce.  That, by the way, is my litmus test as to whether or not I buy it.  If I can't say it, I don't eat it.  I've found the ChocolateMint to be a gift!  It's so dang yummy!  When I'm craving chocolate, I crack open a bottle and I get my fix.  I'll pour it in a martini glass and pretend I'm having a chocolate cocktail!  It really works!  It's the best combo!

 Is anyone else thirsty?  I won't burden you with all the googled information I found on the web when I typed in 'benefits of water'.  The studies are out there for you to pursue if you wish.  Believe me, it's the new black.

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