Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pump up the jam!

Music has a profound influence on me.  It's amazing how energized I become when I have a fierce jam blasting in my ears.  A lot of people psych themselves up for something epic by listening to various tunes.  For some, rap has a 'take no prisoners' message that helps them soar to new heights of athletic performance.  Others prefer songs with mantra's of 'you can do it', i.e. 'Eye of the Tiger'.  My apologies, the included videos are from YouTube and you'll need to be redirected.  Simply hit play, minimize the YouTube screen and come back to my brilliant writing!

I believe associations are of great importance.  Just like 'eye of the tiger', the visual comes to mind of a boxer.  'Chariots of fire' has a direct link to running.

What motivates me, is angry music.  Songs that make me want to curse and scream, because let's face it...working out can be grueling. The harder I push myself the greater the reward.  I'm obsessed with a strength training class and there have been times when I literally wanted to cry.  I was sweating from every pore and I figured it was just my eye balls sweating, too.  It's hard work, but it's worth it when I get back into my skinny jeans.

I have a very defined jaw line and when I'm puffy, it's lost.  I have the unfortunate luck of having weight position itself right on the very thing I cannot conceal with spanx...my visage.  So when I'm in dire need of trimming down, all I need to do is look in the mirror.  It's a blessing and a curse.  I digress....

I went to a running seminar a few weeks ago.  Some runners prefer not to listen to music, but those who do (it's essential for me) determining the Beats Per Minute (BPM) truly influences the pace.  It's all about cadence of the stride.  Ask a running professional about the ideal BPM and the goal should be somewhere around 160.  If you clock your BPM, you'll enhance your running.  It's kind of amazing, actually.

You can google (I just love this is a word in our vocabulary now) 'songs to run to', 'runners world', and 'run2rhythm' to get some examples of songs and their pace.  I'm going to share my 'run bitch' playlist that keeps me going.  Whether it's running or lifting weights, these jams get me pumped!

'On the Floor' by Jennifer Lopez - this is the song that initially got me running.  It has such a great beat, I just can't help myself!!

'Blow' by Ke$sha - if this comes on towards the end of my workout, I feel like I'm going to blow UP!

'Howl' by Florence + the Machine - I first heard this song in a spin class.  The instructor was so moved by it's beat, he played it twice!  Never happened in a class before.

'Kiss with a fist' by Florence + the Machine - This tune will raise an eyebrow. I googled (love this word) it and the message is NOT about domestic violence.  For me, I run so hard my legs feel like they're going to fly off!!!  WHOOSH!!!  If you click this link, you'll be able to read about the message of this tune.  I LOVE the link's main image says 'sweat drips'...it's perfect!!  

'Little Lion Man' by Mumford and Sons - This is a great jam to listen to when you literally think you have nothing left to give.  This song will carry you through!!  Again, sorry you'll be re-directed to YouTube.  

'Lose Yourself' by Eminem - This tune is perfect to run to at a 5.8 pace.  It's an angry song and the epitome of a 'you can do it' tune.

'Justified and Ancient'  by KLF feat Tammy Wynette - This is a very old song.  Many of you won't even know it.  But this is my cool down jam!!  I had to order the darn thing from a previous owner in Europe just to get the right version.

These are just a few of my favorite plays when I'm at the gym.  I also love listening to them en route to the gym.  It gets me really psyched up and I'm ready to 'attack' once I start my workout.  I love my music so much that sometimes I don't want to take a class because that means I'll have to turn off my music and listen to the crap the instructor plays....like 'Barbie Girl'.  I'll take one for the team, though.


DanB said...

Eye of the Tiger fires me up every time!

savvyfoodies said...

Thanks Dan B! I just love when music takes me to the next level!