Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweet defeat

 Well my savvy foodies, I must admit defeat.  I tried, honest I did...but I didn't have the strength to fight my old nemesis.  
The pipping hot tray of cheesy macaroni got me good!!  Before I knew it, I had thrown caution to the wind and ate myself silly.  So now it's Monday and I have one killer food hangover.  Since I ate like a fool on Saturday, why should I stop on Sunday?  I consumed grease, fat and carbs.  And after 48 hours of this nonsense, my tummy finally told me to STOP!  

I went to bed last night with the worst heart burn and gas (yes gas!!!) and I have to was worth it.  I'm not going to hang myself for enjoying crap I SELDOM consume.  What I now realize is after being savvy and filling my tummy with savvy treats, my body is now rejecting the crap.  Sure, it will allow for some crap but I certainly cannot eat with reckless abandon like I used to.  So now I'm on my way to the gym where I'll be lifting weights, doing squats, working my core to the max and spinning.  Is it crazy?  Nah, I'm just getting back up on my horse.  Back to my sweet routine!!  
It'll be ok, it always is...thank you sweet Jesus ;)

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